Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Getting lost in the music

Some of my most favorite things in the world right now are my Debussy preludes. I'm playing the first three, and they are just beautiful. In my lesson last week, Dr. Anderson said, "Careful, people might think you actually enjoy this!" :)

I love them. Debussy takes you to another world, and helps you forget about your to do list for a moment. For me, I forget about everything and my whole soul just dives deep into the music. I played my Debussy in master class on Monday, and I got lost in the music. Someone even went out during my pieces, and I had no idea. I think in order to really get lost in the music takes some time. First you have to learn the notes and memorize them. Then you have to pay such careful attention to each phrase, each note even, in your practicing. It is only after you have done that that you can truly lose yourself in it. You're not worried about right or wrong notes anymore- it's all about creating a beautiful, transcendent moment in which there is nothing but beauty. The best place to experience it is on the piano bench, making it yourself. A cook can make a delicious meal that everyone can enjoy, but the cook is one that will enjoy it the most because she was there for the entire journey. (Not a perfect analogy, but it works, right?)

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